The Search for Identifiably National Architecture in Bulgaria
at the End of the 19th and During the Early 20th Century

a paper
by Ljubinka Stoilova, PhD., MArch. and Petar Iokimov, Sen.Res., MArch.
National and Regional in Architecture Between History and Practice
Bucharest, 2002

Proceedings from the international conferences
in Bucharest,
23-25 April 1999
19-22 October 2000

Търсения на национална идентичност
между двете световни войни
в архитектурата на София

студия от д-р арх. Любинка Стоилова
B: София и нейните образи
(Сб. материали от симпозиум с международно участие на компакт диск, Съст.: Д. Желева-Мартинс и кол.),
С., (2004): с. 84-98, с 36 ил.

"The Search for National Identity
Between the Two World Wars
in the Architecture of Sofia“

a paper by Ljubinka Stoilova.
In: Sofia and Its Images
(CD – Proceedings of Symposium with international participation,
Compiler: D. Zheleva–Martins et al.), Sofia, (2004): 84-98, with 36 illustrations.