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Smart Cities 2012: Europe

IMAGINE tomorrow’s intelligent infrastructures, today
LEARN about smarter transport, energy and water technologies
DEVELOP a sustainable smart city planning strategy
BUILD citizen engagement to create long-term change

Енергетика, вода, транспорт, отпадъци: интелигентните инфраструктури в информационния век.
Многобройните предизвикателства при планирането на един град:
неефективен транспорт,
недостиг на вода,
твърде много отпадъци,
високо потребление на електричество.
При бързо нарастващата урбанизация
създаването на интелигентни градове е от изключително значение.

В двудневната богата програма
Форума Smart Cities 2012
в Амстердам, Холандия - 01.02.2012-02.02.2012
представители на държавни институции,
комунални услуги, транспортни оператори,
строители, инвеститори и изпълнители ще дискутира:
обществената безопасност,
енергийната ефективност,
отпечатъка на човека върху околната среда.

Ще се демонстрират най-новите технологии и устойчивите практики,
интегрирани в градското планиране, за да стане градът по-добро място за живеене.

Повече на: www.smartcitiesglobal.com


Today’s city planners face a host of challenges: inefficient transport services, outdated water and waste networks, rising pollution levels and an increased demand for energy. In an increasingly urbanised world, creating intelligent cities is essential.

With two days of jam-packed content, SMART CITIES 2012 will discuss the most pressing issues currently facing our cities – improving public safety, easing congestion, maximising energy efficiency and reducing environmental impact.

Bringing together city officials, utilities, transport operators, developers, investors, contractors and solution providers, SMART CITIES 2012 will show you how to utilise cutting-edge technologies, integrated urban planning approaches and sustainable methodologies to transform urban spaces into better places to live.

It is our mission to find the most passionate, engaging and relevant leaders in the urban planning field: those who have compelling stories to tell and love sharing what they’ve learned with others. We are still in the process of recruiting top speakers for the upcoming event – those below represent a selection of the world-class speakers working with us on our events worldwide – and will add to our already impressive list of presenters in the upcoming weeks. Please keep checking back!

SMART CITIES 2012 brings together
key decision-makers from cities,
municipalities and local governments,
including mayors, administrators and urban planners,
as well as senior-level executives from utilities,
energy suppliers, service providers and
transport operators with responsibility for
strategic development, sustainability, infrastructure and network management, finance and regulation.

It also encourages leading cross-industry players –
from architects and designers to financial institutions and investors –
to attend and incorporate their perspectives on
how best to transform today’s cities
into the intelligent cities of tomorrow.

Here are some of the main speakers:
Mitchell Silver
Chief Planning Officer, Raleigh NC, President, American Planning Association

Ellen Dunham-Jones
Professor of Architecture, Georgia Institute of Technology

Patrick Hays
Mayor, City of North Little Rock

Martin Tuttle
Deputy Director, Department of Transport, State of California

Jaime Lerner
Former Mayor, City of Curitiba, Brazil

Chris Borroni-Bird
Director of Advanced Technology Vehicle Concepts and EN-V Program, General Motors

Smart Cities Need Smart Citizens:
5 Ways to Make Building Occupants Care about Environmental Goals

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